Training At BCS Academy

How Our Training Programs Work


  • Apply here in the Website by simply clicking on the Course and complete the online booking form.
  • Contact our sales Rep and a Booking form with course Brochure will be emailed to you.
  • You can contact us to come to you for a course presentation / Booking

Choose a course of your interest, complete a booking form, make a payment { reference is your name and surname}, email your completed form with your proof of payment to, you will receive a confirmation of payment within 24 hours and a call from one of our consultants to finalize your training arrangement.

Depending on your course of choice and duration, you will mostly have 2 days contact session{face to face session and completing of your work {POE} on your own. Once we receive your booking and payment. A Portfolio of Evidence will be delivered to you either at your premises or at the first day in class. A facilitator is assigned to guide you on your course and is also available to provide online or telephonic support to you on the course.The next time we will meet with you is on the 2nd contact session day, We will review your POE to ensure that all activities and assessment were completed. You will then submit your POE {your work} to the Assessor.

You may be required to write final integrated summative assessment {depending on the course, please enquire for clarity}.

Once assessment is completed, a feedback will be given to you concerning your work.

Once found competent {passed}, certification takes about 3 months to be issued.

Payment arrangement can be discussed with our Consultants for two installments.


Look at the duration of course on Read more or see course pricelist
Click read more or look at the course pricelist
Look at the pre-qualification on the read more
It’s like doing some of the subjects and not all the subjects of the qualification. You achieve credits and certification on what you did. It is a building blocks towards obtaining credits that leads to full qualification.
Its simply the weight of the course
Look at the prospectus or click read more
Yes the Facilitator will guide you through the whole process telephonically or on appointment.
Yes 50% on starting of course and the rest before submission of file, that’s before the last day.
We will keep your file until payment is completed, then your file will go for assessment, then certification.
You have 2 attempts, and you will only re-write the ones you fail
We will make an arrangement to come to you, it’s always better to meet with other learners in class. And share ideas.
Apply here online or contact us for course presentation at your company
The course is already 60% discounted.